Apple iWatch – A Valuable Asset for the Cupertino Company

Rumors suggest the fact that the Cupertino Company plans to add the iWatch device to its list of smart devices. The wearable technology has begun to take ground, and many smart device manufacturers try their luck by revealing different prototypes of wearable devices.

We have already seen a couple of iWatch concepts so far, and we know for sure the more than 100 Apple employees are working over the small hand accessory. The iWatch represents a smart device that connects with the iPhone. However, we still do not know many official details concerning the future smart watch, but apparently, Apple will release its famous iWatch at the end of 2013, perhaps after the big iPhone 5S release.

Apple iWatch

The most important aspect concerning the iWatch is the fact that Apple expects to gain more that $2.3 billion in sales. This represents only a small percent of all iPhone users, eligible for buying such as device. By assuming that 5 percent or 8 percent of all iPhone customers in the whole world will buy the iWatch as soon as it is released, with a price around $250, Apple will gain more than $4 billion from iWatch sale.

As you can easily notice, the innovation is the leading term Apple focuses on when defining and building the well-awaited iWatch. The level of innovation must remain high in order to keep Apple stock high. People enjoy seeing new features and concepts revealed, and that is exactly what they expect from Apple.

However, as if the tensions of the long-time battle between Samsung and Apple are not enough, now, the father of the brand-new Galaxy S4 announced that Samsung is also preparing a wearable device. They plan to release a smart watch as well as Apple. This thing will definitely create many tensions between the two giants.

In the same time, Apple and Samsung are not the only ones developing a wearable technology. As you know, Google already released their famous Google Glasses, which permits users to connect to the search engine while they are on the run.

In order to be able to bring that much worth to the Fruit Company, the Apple iWatch must offer patent filling, improved and unique design, multiple useful apps such as health or fitness, and the most important aspect; it must offer integration with other iOS devices.

Besides this, the new smart watch, the Apple watch and the Samsung watch as well, need a personal assistant in order to type messages or to write notes on the small screen. In the same time, the watch needs camera and a strong body. Being around the wrist, the iWatch is prone to water, dust or impact accidents. The iWatch needs to be indestructible and to bring innovative features in order to last on the market.

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