iTunes 11 Officially Released | New Features and Improvements

When Apple started to launch their products on the market, they also released their famous service, the iTunes that gives people a different view regarding entertainment. Despite the fact that it was quite simple at the beginning, the iTunes changed during time and it has become even more complicated.

This time of the year, the Fruit Company decided to change iTunes service dramatically in order to please people through a simpler interface but still keeping the same features. There are plenty of changes at almost any level. As a main thing, you will definitely notice that the old sidebar is now gone but, instead we have a dropdown menu which offers you access to Movies, Music, Podcasts or Books. Another notable change is the fact that you are no longer sent to another page when you click on a certain album. You get to see its belongings right on the same page when you click on it.

There are also many playback enhancements. You get to listen your favorite songs without creating a favorite track list. Whenever you listen a certain song and you browse through the list, you are able to select the “Up Next” option to place it under the current one. This thing is great especially for those of you who listen music hard but you do not have enough time to create your own playlist. In this way, you will be able to create a sequence of songs quickly.

I am sure that the old Miniplayer was quite annoying for some of you especially because it did not do its job properly. Now, things have change and the miniplayer actually does what it is meant to do. You get to control your music preferences while you browse the internet or when you write an email. Moreover, you get to use the “Up Next” feature even if you use the Miniplayer. As a bonus, its size is now acceptable because it is actually a mini player. These are only several changes on the new iTunes 11. Beside these, Apple also changed the Download manager, the iCloud integration and the possibility of using all those useful gift cards.

The new iTunes update is a great service. It is stable, simple, effective and in the same time if offers all those amazing features and possibilities that we were used to. I am sure that this latest update will please a lot of people who use to entertain themselves with iTunes.

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