iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 Released with iTunes Radio for OS X

Apparently, after the security breach, which resulted in the entire system being dragged offline; Apple is trying to hurry its developers in order to fix all those bugs and problems. In this respect, along with iOS 7 Beta 4 being released yesterday, iTunes 11.1 beta 1 has also been released to those registered to Apple’s Developer Program.

The updated iTunes 11.1 beta 1 is limited and it works only on Apple’s personal OS X. This means that users, who do not own a Mac, are not able to install the latest beta version of iTunes.

iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 Releasedd

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s latest beta version of iTunes includes iTunes Radio integration for those living in the United States. For those who do not know what iTunes Radio means, the service is the Cupertino forthcoming music-streaming program, which is set to be a key feature for the well-awaited iOS 7.

iTunes Radio was first introduced as a built-in app for iOS 7, the next version of the Apple TV and the next version of iTunes on Windows and Mac. This new feature offers music discovery through featured and genre stations provided by Apple or the creation on various stations based on the user’s desires.

The service is supported by advertising. However, users will have the possibility to subscribe to Apple’s $29.99/year iTunes Match service in order to listen ad-free music.

After a long wait, Apple has finally decided to update its famed media player late last year. Despite some criticism at the beginning, iTunes has been welcomed among developers and users worldwide.Therefore, besides the already-mentioned iTunes Radio support, iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 offers a wide variety of performance enhancements and multiple bug fixes.

As it was stated earlier, the latest version of Apple’s media player works only on Mac. Windows users should expect to see iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 anytime now. In the same time, the alleged iTunes Radio works only on the territory of the United States.

If you want to try out Apple’s latest version of iTunes, keep in mind that this is only a beta version. The software might still have some problems and bugs, and it is not ready for prime time consumption just yet.

However, if you still want to try it out, you need to be signed up as a developer for the purpose of trying out Apple’s beta versions of OS earlier. iTunes 11.1 Beta 1 is available via Apple’s Developer Center only in the United States.

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