iStat2 – Control your PC or Mac Monitor from anywhere using iPhone

Apple devices never cease to impress us. When it is about utility and accessibility, we have so many apps and tweaks that can make our lives much easier. For those who enjoy keeping in touch with all those great useful apps and tweaks available on the App Store, I am sure that the iStat2 tweak is nothing new. A famous monitoring app permits you to control your personal computer using your iPhone. In this case, the iPhone acts as a remote. What is new in this respect is the fact that this app was updated and now, you can find it on App Store as iStat2.

This great app allows you to find out the disk usage, the storage space, meaning almost everything related to a PC or a Mac, or even the iDevice that runs it. Besides this, users can also find out everything related to networking, network usage or load average. In order to make this app work, you need a server application where the tweak connects and reads all statistics you need.

istat2, download istat2, install istat2, how to install istat2For those of you who need or want to keep in touch with everything that is happening to their machines, this is a great app to use. This is the only way to monitor things as temperature, storage, usage or any other changes at the level of your computer. When you have the main server somewhere far from you, you will be glad to have this app to see what happens to it. You can see real time results and changes or you can save them to review once a week. For Mac users, it is much convenient. They can keep a track of their computer changes within a whole year.

If you are interested in using this amazing application on your iPhone, you can find and download it from the App Store. It costs only $4.99, but I am sure that this is a small price to pay when it is about the well-being of your personal computer.


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