iREB R6 Download is Now Available

In order to remind you about the use and meaning of iREB, I want to tell you some things for those of you who want to keep up. First, iREB r6 is a special program that it is used to restore the custom firmware that is currently running on your device and to put your device in the Pwned Mode. In the same time, the restore is possible only if you already create a custom firmware restore using RedSnow or Snowbreeze. If for some of you this is not such big of deal, you will see how useful this is when you will want to restore your device to a previous firmware.

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The good news was just revealed on the market. Apparently, iREB was upgraded and it is now available for download. The latest version, iREB R6 offers support also for iOS 6.0/6.0.1. In the same time, the program prevents you from encountering all these annoying iTunes errors: 1604, 1600, 1601 or 16xx. If you already tried to restore your firmware using another option, I am sure that you know what I am talking about. Therefore, iREB offers now full support for all operating systems starting with iOS 3 and ending with iOS 6. In the same time, the latest iREB version also fixes the error that displayed the “Waiting for iBSS” message.

This is great news for everybody especially when most of you want to restore their previous firmware until an untethered jailbreak for the respective firmware will be available on the market. In what concerns the compatibility, iREB R6 still supports only iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th generation running on the latest iOS. In the same time, I want to mention the fact that the program is available for Windows download only.

To conclude, iREB lets you put your iPhone, iPad or iPod in the Pwned Mode in order to restore the firmware, but only if you already created a custom firmware using RedSnow or Snowbreeze. Head over to our Download iREB page in order to download iReb R6.

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  1. andrea

    a me dice errore 3195

  2. Mackenzie P

    I’ve an apple iphone 4 running 4.. I wish to upgrade it to five.1.1. However I keep getting error code 1601. I have used iREB already but still no luck. Every other suggestions on setting up this firmware.

  3. ademuth93

    can 5.00 m33-6 custom firmware be placed on my psp 1002 in the firmware version 5.80 with no the planet pandora battery.

    if you’re able to how?

  4. tjpimpin

    I understand many individuals say that you’ll require custom firmware to download and play psp games, however i really just don’t wish to undergo that trouble.

    I truly would like to download and play Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road but I haven’t got the cash to have it cause I spent it on Dragon Ball Shin Budokai.

    Please is the a different way to download and play them without custom firmware?

  5. evangldbrg

    I’ve got a PSP slim. I wish to install Custom Firmware 5.50 onto it. All of the guides and downloads I have seen only show me how you can upgrade to Custom Firmware 5.50 from a mature version. However , I’ve the initial The new sony Firmware, version 5.51.

    So I have to understand how to get Custom Firmware 5.50 on my small PSP on your own.

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