iPhone’s Popularity a Cause for Facebook’s Home Failure

As Facebook launched the Home layer on Android, the social platform accused relatively low installation rates and lower user ratings on Google Play. Apparently, the cause of this problem might be represented by the iPhone’s popularity among Facebook employees.

Apple’s iPhone might represent the big reason why the social network has failed on reaching its purpose on the Android platform. Facebook does not have enough dedicated Android users in order to know how Facebook Home layer works best of Google’s mobile operating system.

Facebook Home for iOS

Various Facebook employees admitted the fact that multiple Home layer tests were performed mostly on iPhone devices, and they were unable to see anything misplaced with the change. All these changes refer to doing away with widgets, removing the dock for oft-used apps and keeping users from creating app folders.

The issue here is the fact that Facebook app is more reliable and polished for iOS rather than for Android-based devices, especially in what concerns the smart tablets. In the same time, Facebook for iPhone is much more popular within Facebook’s ranks than Android.

During 2012, Facebook has tried multiple solutions in order to bring the Android app up to speed with its iOS rival. At that time, the company required app developers to make use of Android phones, to use Facebook’s Android app in order to see what was wrong with it, and to find a proper solution for the problem.

However, Facebook officials are aware of the problem encountered in creating Home, and now, they are preparing another version for the Android Facebook app. The version will be directed to all those users’ complaints. Judging by user statistics, the Cover Feed and the Chat Heads represent two welcomed changes, which had lead users to spend up to 25 percent more time on Facebook. The new version Facebook is preparing will bring the dock back for most used apps, and it will present users with a walkthrough when their first start the app.

Since Facebook Home was launched, the update experienced little attraction among the massive Android install base. The updated Facebook home was available for only six Android devices, and it has seen only between one million and five million downloads. On the other hand, Facebook and Facebook Messenger both have between 100 million and 500 million installs so far.

According to Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg argued, “the social network would be interested in bringing a Home-like experience to iOS, but the control Apple exerts over its platform would preclude such as feature.” So far, Facebook has tricked iOS in order to bring Home like features such as Chat Heads to iPhones and iPads.

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