iPhone Push-To-Talk Feature Among New Apple Patents

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published 26 Apple patents, which offered a clear insight over the push-to-talk feature and a double-sided touch-sensitive panel. Both of these inventions could appear in the future iPhones released by the Fruit Company.

So far, no current models of Apple’s iPhone support the Push-to-Talk (PTT) feature that many carriers have made it available for years now. Users have the possibility to download multiple useful apps from iTunes App store that can help reproduce the feature.

Apple Patents for Push-To-Talk

However, the recent granted patents show the fact that Apple has at least considered integrating it into a model of its future iDevices. The patent suggests that telecommunication networks already offer users the possibility to enable devices to directly access each other through a digital two-way radio feature.

In the same time, Apple’s patent suggests “a method and system to provide push-to-talk from one user to another in a wireless packet data telecommunications network”. Moreover, it includes a packet data network with at least one mobile station, a radio access network, a location server, registrar, database server and PTT server that connects PPT users within the respective network.

The patent called “Push-to-Talk Telecommunications System Utilizing a Voice-Over-IP Network” was originally filed by Nortel Networks. The recent patent granted for the Fruit Company represents a part of the portfolio Apple and other companies bought in 2011 for $4.5 billion.

Along with the Push-to-Talk patent, Apple was also granted with a patent for a “double-sided touch Sensitive panel and flex circuit bonding”. The patent describes an invention that is related to the creating of a multi-touch sensor using a substrate with column and row traces on either side.

During the process, printed flex circuits are bonded directly opening attachment areas of a substrate. Apple mentioned in the patent description the fact that it plans to keep the “overall size of the sensor panel as small as possible” suggesting Apple’s interest in developing smaller components for thinner devices.

In the past, more precisely in 2010, the Cupertino-based Company revealed the fact that Apple is exploring PTT capabilities, but so far, none of these features has emerged in any models to date.

So far, Motorola was the first mobile manufacturer that led the way with push-to-talk mobile phones. However, their technology was not that advanced, and they lost ground in favor of Apple’s iPhone.

Other patents granted on Tuesday include ones for “gesture control of multimedia editing applications”, “techniques for versioning file systems”,” methods and apparatus for decreasing power consumption and bus activity” or “ a system for optimizing graphics operations”.

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