IPhone-Controlled BlueBulb Ready to Be Shipped

After more than nine months of development and research, iPhone-controlled LED bulb is ready to be shipped. Apparently, the BlueBulb looks to kill light switched and it is remotely controlled by the iPhone while offering multi-color lighting into the mainstream.

For now, the Fruit Company already produces a small batch of initial units to various customers. The mass production of the well-awaited BlueBulb may be weeks away.

BlueBulb iPhone-Controlled

The BlueBulb uses a unified RBG + White LED array, which allows a variety of colors outputs. Its founder and CEO, Peter Lakits suggests the fact that the light bulb is able to display up to one million colors. Color changing is pretty easy, and it does not represent the main function of the light bulb.

In fact, BlueBulb is famous for its possibility to be iOS-controlled. Since many more people own an iPhone, they want to have the ability to switch the light using their devices. In fact, the iPhone is not the only iOS device, which may be used to control the BlueBulb. However, since it is the only device always near the user, it offers a permanent control.

According to Lakits, the BlueBulb represents the face-to-face communication because it uses Bluetooth and the phone is always near the user’s side.

So far, the remote control lighting is representing a luxury meant for expensive home automation system. In the same time, BlueBulb changes the way in which a building communicated with a wireless system into the every bulb.

Built out of plastic, the BlueBulb is lightweight with a solid feel due to the large aluminum-allow heat dissipator. The main purpose of the light socket, the BlueBulb was produced to keep a cost to a minimum while still offering high-tech features.

Compared to other wireless light bulbs, Apple’s bulb draws power from a common standard light, which feeds the communication module, a unified RGB plus a white LED array. Its main feature, the multi-colored light, works pretty easily. The white light combined to the supporting RGB LED’s can produce varying color temperatures according to the user’s needs.

Lakits also confesses the fact that the BlueBulb faces two major problems. The founder says that the bulb only offers two variations of the device at launch. In the same time, the cooling problem of the 12-watt bulb was too much. The app also offers a smooth transition from the white to the

For now, a free app is already available in the App Store, which offers clear feature set, which supports the color changing, individual control over the white, color LEDs, and sleep/wake timer. There are 400 BlueBulbs ready to shop and those who are interested, a single 9W BlueBulb costs $59 while a pack of four reaches $ 209.

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