iPhone and Galaxy S III Users- More Similar Than They Believe

According to recent studies, the iPhone and the Galaxy S III users have fewer differences than they like to believe, although between Apple and Samsung have always been a constant battle in the courts and the market.

The study on the device users patterns od iPhone and Galaxy S III was put together by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, being based on surveys of 500 Galaxy S III users and 500 iPhone users.

As it was stated in the final report, respondents from both Samsung and Apple concentrate on calling, texting, email, and Internet access in about the same proportion. In addition, both iPhone and Galaxy s III users utilize their devices commonly for accessing the web as well as for texting.


It was also emphasized the fact that 75 per cent of the Galaxy s III fans use their phones for Internet access more than once every day. Regarding the same action, the report states that more than 80 per cent of the iPhone owners searches the web various times each day using their phones.

When it comes to using their devices for texting, between 80 % and 90% of both iPhone and Galaxy S III owners perform this action numerous times each day.

In accordance with the report, Galaxy s III possessors are less likely to use their gadgets in order to take photos or play games, more than once a day while the iPhone-owning respondents are constant phone gamers.

The actions that appeared to cause less interest for both Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone were represented by phone calling and e-mailing.

In addition to the usage of the phones, the study also referred to the possession of other devices. In relation to this matter, the report showed that 20 per cent of the iPhone buyers, also own a Mac laptop; meanwhile, only 7 per cent of the Galaxy S III owners have the same.

Concerning the possession of an iPad, iPhone owners were twice as likely to have one, and Samsung Galaxy S III fans were twice as likely to own an Android tablet. Furthermore, iPhone owners were also more likely to own a Kindle.

The search also included questions referring to upgrading the gadgets. The result showed that Galaxy S III buyers tended to upgrade from within the Android platform. About one in eleven Galaxy S III users had previously owned an iPhone while about one in five iPhone buyers had formerly possessed an Android phone.

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