iPhone 5S To Have Higher App-Crush Rate Than iPhone 5/5c on iOS 7

The iPhone 5S represents Apple’s latest masterpiece along with the budget iPhone 5c. While the latest one was designed in order to reach a different type of marketplace, the iPhone 5S continues the Apple line of smart handsets. However, as a new device that runs the new iOS, it has been experiencing its fair share of issues.

Recently, people who had their hands on the latest handset complained about certain apps that seem to be crashing on a more frequent basis. There is a little bit of truth in this issue. According to a research from Crittercism, apps crush twice as often on the newer device than on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c.

Apple Launches iOS7 As Hefty Memory Markup Puts Margins Ahead Of Market Share

As the Crittercism research revealed, apps running on the new handset crush around two percent of time while the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c have an app-crush rate of a mere one single percent. This means that the new handset crashes twice as often as its predecessor and the low-cost device.

Therefore, with only a 64-bit processor to make a difference between these thee devices, apparently the only problem is that the handset finds it difficult to adjust with the new operating system. It is worth mentioning the fact that the iOS 7 still has its own share of bugs and problems.

As a possible reason for the high app-crush rate of the iPhone 5S, is that developers had no time in order to verify the 64-bit hardware running on iOS 7.  Moving from existing 32-bits apps to 64-bit code demands for increased memory usage that can result in the increase memory consumption, which can be seen in the app’s performance. This leads to an imminent app crush.

For those who are aware, the iPhone 5S contains both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel, libraries and framework that load on demand and are added to the existed used memory. In fact, when all apps run at the same time, the system never loads the 32-bit libraries, therefore, the situation leads to a memory increase.

In this respect, Apple has stated the fact “it is to everyone’s benefit that all apps running on 64-bit devices be compiled for the 64-bit runtime, especially apps that support background processing”. In this respect, app developers have recently started code transitioning to the 64-bit platform, and it will take a while until all these background-processing apps will actually be prepared to support the two binary codes.

Based on the two-percent app-crush rate offered by the iPhone 5S, Apple is urging app developers to catch up by preparing their apps on the 64-bit iPhone 5S. As far as the recent app updates are concerned, their developers only prepared them for the big iOS 7 release by adding various cosmetic changes and modifications.

The hard part is still not over. Let us hope that this whole transitioning process will not last that long, and the iPhone 5S will become a reliable handset that will run almost all of our favorite apps.

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