iPhone 5S to be Launched in June 2013 | A Cheaper iPhone Model

In the past time, a lot of rumors suggested the fact that a new iPhone model will appear on the market until June 2013. This is only a speculation concerning the possible release date as well as some speculations related to its specifications and features. Since iPhone 5 was quite a hit and it proved to be one of the most purchased devices ever released by Apple, we can assume that in such short notice, the new device will turn out to be just great. So, according to all those rumors, iPhone 5S is planned to be launched in June 2013 being considered a different model of a cheaper iPhone.

iPhone 5S Different Colors Rumor

The first rumor that surrounds the reveal of a new cheaper device and namely the iPhone 5S is the fact that this particular device will be available in a multitude of colors. If you are tired of the black and white option, and you still do not want to put a case on it, then, a new pink or blue iPhone 5S will be exactly what you need. Moreover, this new iPhone, which is planned to be released in June, will have only 3G connectivity instead of being compatible with 4 LTE connectivity.

An earlier report suggests the fact that this new iPhone 5S will come in two different sizes. However, this is something new because Apple never released multiple screen sizes for the same iDevice. We are all familiar with the 3.5-inch iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and the 4-inch screen of the latest iPhone 5. Apparently, iPhone 5S will reach up to 5-inch size screen which will definitely compete with the famous Samsung Galaxy S III. In what concerns the cheaper iPhone, it is supposed to cost between $99 and $ 149. This particular device is designed for all those people living in various countries where Apple is not in top. It is supposed to contain cheaper parts and it will also be smaller than the regular iPhone on the market.

The new iPhone is planned to be launched in the second half of 2013, but since all these details are just rumors, we will have to see some official news before we can comment on this topic. Until June 2013, when iPhone 5S is planned to be released on the market, we will have to stick by believing these rumors. After all, this thing happens with any other new device or operating system.

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