iPhone 5S Released With Touch ID Fingerprint Security

Finally, after months of waiting and rumors, Apple has released the well-awaited iPhone 5S with a 64-bit desktop-class chip and the alleged fingerprint sensor, called the Touch ID that allows users to securely unlock their devices with a single touch of a finger.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5S offers a design similar to its predecessor, with the well-known aluminum case and chamfered edges. In the same time, the handset is available in three colors: black and slate, white and silver and a new gold/champagne and white option.

Both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone released within the same evening, will be available next Friday, September 20 in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the UK.

iPhone 5S released

As far as the price is concerned, the iPhone 5S costs the same as iPhone 5: $199 for two-year service contract for the entry-level 16-gigabyte model, the 32 gigabyte model for $299 while the 64 gigabyte model will reach $399.

iPhone 5S Features and Specs

Touch ID Fingerprint

One of the biggest improvements and features that the iPhone 5S brings is the new Touch ID sensor built in the home button of the device. According to Apple’s CEO, the sensor is 170 microns thin, senses 500 pixels per inch, and it scans sub-epidermal skin layers. It is worth mentioning the fact that the home button is made of sapphire crystal, so it will not deteriorate over time.

In the same time, the sensor is capable of reading a fingerprint in a safe manner and users will be able to use iTunes and iCloud without typing their passwords. The fingerprint data is never available to other software, and it is not backed up to Apple’s servers. If wanted, the sensor can read multiple fingerprints.


As far as the performance part is concerned, the iPhone 5S, the new A7 processor includes over 1 billion transistors, double than A6, its predecessors. The new CPU is twice as fast, and graphics performance has also been doubled in perfomance.

The new M7 chip represents a piece of silicon in the iPhone 5S which constantly measures motion data, enabling multiple health and fitness applications. In the same time, the device uses M7 and GPS to track user activities and motions. As Apple suggests, iPhone 5S will offer 10 hours of 3G talk and 250 hours of standby. Moreover, it will bring 10 hours of LTE browsing and 40 hours of music playback.


The iPhone 5S upgraded camera brings an overhauled camera with a f/2.2 aperture. This means that the 5-element lens has a 15-percent larger active sensor area, which displays bigger pixels for higher quality pictures. The iPhone 5S also features dual LED flash that Apple has called it “True Tone”.

In the same time, it is worth mentioning the fact that iOS 7 has been optimized in order to take advantage of the new camera hardware which offers new features such as automatic balance, exposure levels, auto-focus, auto-stabilization, and Burst More with a capability of 120 frames per second in 720p high-definition.

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