iPhone 5S Pre-orders Might Go Live on June 20

A new rumor suggests the fact that the next iPhone 5S will be launched somewhere in the middle of July, and the pre-orders will go live on June 20. After multiple rumors concerning the next Apple product, users hardly wait for the future iPhone to be released by Fruit Company, especially when various details were already disclosed.

The document was meant for the employees of Japanese telecom KDDI’s “au” wireless service, and it displays the fact that the carrier will receive pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 5S starting with June 20, a month ahead of its release in July.

iPhone 5S pre-orders

In the same time, the document also offers valuable information regarding the sales floor staff and multiple pricing details. Apparently, this document is meant for almost all carrier stores and official cell phone dealers in Japan. What seems to be the most important thing is the fact that the document also displays several details for the unannounced iPhone 5S.

As it was stated before, throughout the document, multiple details were discovered regarding the launch and features of the new iPhone. Just bellow the release date is a notation displaying major feature changes from the iPhone 5. Compared to its previous little brother, the new iPhone 5S will own fingerprint reader, 13-megapixel camera and iOS 7 as built-in operating system version.

Some parts within the document offer information regarding the current monthly plans for the iPhone 5, which include the LTE flat rate plans and family calling subscription options.

Even though, this document is only a rumor, which might not be true, the information displayed within it corresponds to the Apple’s schedule concerning the Worldwide Developer Conference. WWDC will take place from June 10 to 14. Within this conference, Apple plans to reveal the new iOS and OS X versions. The conference will reveal multiple valuable details concerning the release of new products.

Moreover, Tim Cook revealed the fact that the third quarter in 2013 will represent a period full of surprises with innovative new products. If this is taken into consideration, June 20 might be a little bit too early for making part of the Q3 surprise prepared by the big Cupertino-based company.

While the document cannot be verified, all we have to do is to wait for June to come, and see if the pre-orders will go live. If in Japan, the iPhone 5S will be available for pre-ordering in June, I am sure that many other carriers will offer the well-awaited Apple product.

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