iPhone 5S Components to be Delivered in May

According to all rumors surrounding the well-awaited iPhone 5S, apparently manufacture suppliers will start delivering parts for the new device by the end of May, followed by its production. There are many rumors suggesting the iPhone 5S concept that is planned to be released at the end of summer, precisely at the end of August.

iPhone 5S Components

In the same time, along with the release of iPhone 5S, Apple plans to release a cheaper handset as well. However, some critics suggest that iPhone 5S will be one and the same with the cheaper one. As you know, at the beginning of this month, rumors started revealing the production of a device that will follow the “S series” for the iPhone line devices. The new generation of Apple handset will be revealed by the third quarter of the current year.

However, despite people expectations, the new iPhone will not display a major update and it will represent an improved version of the current iPhone 5. Therefore, the new handset will have the same screen and design as its older brother, the iPhone 5. While the design remains the same, iPhone 5S will feature a faster and higher-end processor as well as an improved camera. The camera is expected to own a higher megapixel feature. Apple is expected to deliver more than 25 million iPhone 5S units in the first quarter; a slightly lower number compared to the 45 million units delivered in the fourth part of 2012.

In what concerns the cheaper model released by Apple, apparently, the low-cost handset will use a plastic casing in order to reduce the costs of production. In this way, the handset will reach other marketplaces as well. The low-cost device is scheduled for release in the same time as the iPhone 5S, and it will have a fiberglass and plastic casing while the 4-inch display found on iPhone 5 will remain the same. All internal components will be as powerful and effective as we already know because the low-cost character of this particular device is focused on the external parts.

As Foxconn Electronic manufacturer suggested, if all goes smoothly with the production of iPhone 5S components, all parts will be delivered in a maximum of 2-3 weeks and Apple will be able to start production in order to reveal the new iPhone 5S within the third quarter.

The rumors that iPhone 5S components will be delivered in May, just in time to assure its summer production and its 3rd quarter release, might turn out to be real. In this way, the Fruit Company will achieve its usual annual release cycle.

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