iPhone 5 Tips and Tricks | Top Features and Tweaks

The iPhone 5 is a quite popular device since Apple already sold 5 million units so far. That means that a high number of users chose to enjoy its top features and tweaks of the latest iPhone released by the Fruit Company. If you are already the happy owner of a brand new iPhone 5, then this article will suit you just great. For those of you who still own an old device such as iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, I am sure that at one point, when you will renew your device, you will also find it quite useful.

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Here, I want to show you some of the most important iPhone 5 tips and tricks along with some interesting features.

1. The Security Feature

One of the most important features that then new iPhone brings to us is related to the security aspect. You have the possibility to protect your personal information in an easy manner. Just visit Settings, then the General tab and search for the Passcode lock. In this way, you will set a password for your main screen, a four-digit passcode, which will protect your files and data from curious eyes. If your device is stolen, and the thief enters the passcode ten times wrong, then all your data will automatically erase. Do not worry, because it will be safe backed up in the iTunes or iCloud account.

2. Social platforms feature

For all of you who enjoy keeping in touch with the latest news on Facebook or Twitter, let me tell you that these two popular social platforms are now integrated in the iOS 6. They also offer quicker access and a lot of new features and options.

3. New tips and tricks for Siri                                        

Siri, the voice recognition assistant, has received some improvements as well. Now, you can ask Siri to post tweets on Twitter or to update your Facebook status without launching the app. It is simpler now to ask Siri to write messages or emails, or to launch certain apps without touching the screen.

4. The Camera feature

The camera feature with the new iOS 6 brings a lot of new features and tweaks. You can use the panorama feature to take amazing photos and then to share them to others using all those great sharing options. You can insert photos in mail, post a video on YouTube or share a photo stream right from the Camera app.

5. Restore and Backup Feature

Probably one of the most important features that the new iOS 6 promotes is the possibility to creating backup plans for your personal data, to keep it in a safe place. If you had an old iPhone, you can restore all your precious data in the new device. By accessing your iTunes or iCloud account, you can restore any of the previous data that you used on your previous device.

There are many other useful iPhone tips and trick worth mentioning. For them, you need to browse your device and I am sure that you will discover many other amazing iPhone features and tweaks.

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