iPhone 5 Specs and New Features

The release of the already-famous iPhone 5 was a great event where hundreds of journalists waited to be the witnesses of the biggest tech release of the year. The iPhone 5 comes as an innovative project of the Fruit Company since developers looked for a different way to create a smarter yet a different device. I am sure that with the whole fuss surrounding the iPhone 5 specs, you all know some things related to the device of the moment. Here are some major features that the iPhone 5 brings us.

A wider display

The most apparent and notable feature is its display, which is a little larger than the previous devices. To put things clear, iPhone 5 has an impressive 4-inch Retina display of 326ppi and an 1136×640 resolution. It is not much, but the difference is notable.

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Better processor

A well-awaited feature was its processor. Users expected a major change in this field, perhaps a quad-core processor. We did not receive this, but instead, we have a 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics, which means 2x better performance and all of this in a 22% smaller chip.

IPhone 5 and iOS 6

Perhaps one of the most impressive iPhone features is the already-famous iOS 6, the latest version of operating system. It is a major update, which brings more than 300 new features and possibilities. Some of them are quite notable, while others represent only a minor change to the old ones.

Thinner and slimmer design

As I told you, almost everything is different with the new iDevice released on the market. Apple wanted to impress the audience with something else, with something different compared to what we were used to in the past. Since the last three devices looked pretty much the same, namely iPhone 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4/4S, the iPhone 5 is thinner and slimmer. It has a particular design; it is lighter and wider in the same time. I know that we were used to the classic iPhone design, but this change is more than welcomed.

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