iPhone 5 Screens Repaired in Store Under AppleCare Service

Recently, Apple announced the fact that the company is planning to change the AppleCare policy. Now, in the name of all those AppleCare policy changes, the Fruit Company replaces iPhone 5 screens instead of changing the damaged units for refurbished devices. In this way, the policy saves money both for Apple and for its customers.

The new iPhone 5 repair costs $149, and it comes less than one month after a set of sweeping changes were first spotted at AppleCare. The new policy would transform Apple Store into a major player in the company’s repair policy.

AppleCare protection plan

With the new change within the AppleCare service, customers will be able to fix their iPhone 5 screens right in the Apple Store. In this way, they will save money and time, without having to send the respective device to other Apple repairing center.

According to the previous AppleCare policy, the company was required to swap the entire device for a single faulty component. This new AppleCare policy represents only the beginning of a wider plan that could bring to Apple nearly $1 billion per year savings.

Besides Apple’s advantage, the customers will also benefit of this change. The previous price for a refurbished swap was exactly $229. With the new AppleCare plan, customers who do not own an AppleCare + warranty, which costs $99 at first, and $49 per replacement, are now able to repair their devices at a more reasonable price.

In the same time, Apple is considering a new AppleCare pricing plan or at least to reconfigure the existing one, based on a subscription model. Apparently, the new plan would be on a per-customer basis, covering all iOS devices the customer owns. This comes to contrast the existing pricing plan, which covers only a single device.

In addition, instead of the current 90 days of free phone support with a new purchase, the changed repair plan will offer at least a year of support while offering the possibility to extend the plan up to two years at a later date.

In the last part, with the new improved AppleCare repair plan, Apple will offer to its customers the possibility to sign in a monitored Community Forums and additional live chat assistance. In this way, before going to the Apple Store to fix a problem, customers will be able to chat with an Apple employee who will diagnose the problem.

Sometimes, the problem does not lay into a physical component. In this case, customers will be assisted to fix the problem right at home. The Community Forums and additional live chat assistant are planed to start this summer.


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