iPhone 5 Launches on T-Mobile April 12.

Tuesday, T-Mobile, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S. announced their customers that they will get the most expected and desired Apple’s iPhone when the iPhone 5 launches on the carrier’s network April 12.

In addition to informing its customers regarding the date of the Apple’s iPhone launch, T-Mobile also communicated what payment plan they are offering to their customers. Therefore, the U.S. carrier is planning to offer a 16-gigabyte iPhone 5 for $99 up front, with 20 additional monthly payments of $20. The sale date in T-Mobile’s retail stores is as stated above, 12 April, but it was made public the fact that preorders will begin April 5.

In addition to the publicity of the iPhone 5’s release, T-Mobile also announced its new LTE network at Tuesday’s event. The LTE network will be available in a total of seven U.S. markets: Kansas City, Kan., Houston, Tex., Las Vegas, Nev., Phoenix, Ariz., San Jose, Calif., and Washington D.C. It should be mentioned the fact that only the iPhone 5 will be compatible with T-Mobile’s new 4G LTE high-speed data network.


Regarding T-Mobile’s new data plans, it can be added that the carrier will include 500 megabytes of high-speed online data. In addition to this offer, their customers will also be able to enjoy unlimited calls and texts for $50. These are not the only offers that T-Mobile made public. Therefore, users get 2.5 gigabytes of high-speed data if they are ready to pay an extra $10 per month. In case the users desire unlimited 4G access, they must know it costs $70 per month.

Bringing Apple’s iPhone to T-Mobile with full support has been a rather difficult action for the U.S. carrier. The main reason T-Mobile had not offered the iPhone until now, was because its network’s frequency band was incompatible with current versions of the iPhone. While the iPhone could place calls on T-Mobile’s network, it was not able to connect to the carrier’s unique high-speed 3G frequency. However, the mobile carrier addressed the issue, and has begun widening its 4G HSPA+ network in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., offering users of unlocked iPhones the ability to access high-speed data on its network.

T-Mobile’s problems began to change when the carrier has transitioned its service to the 1900 MHz GSM band. That is the same frequency used by AT&T, and it is compatible with existing iPhone models, and the announcement of a future deal with Apple regarding selling Apple products in 2013, was made last year.

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