iPad Wireless Charging with Smart Cover Intended by Apple

According to a patent application submitted by Apple, the Fruit Company tries to implement iPad wireless charging with the help of Smart Cover. However, this wireless charging solution comes to contradict the existing charging solutions since it does not use a plugged source.

In the past, Apple mentioned the fact that they would not implement wireless charging on their portable devices due to the fact that there is no need to use another plug-in device in order to wireless charge the one you are using. In this regard, they were planning to find a more suitable and easy way in which the wireless charging would be possible for their iDevices.

iPad wireless charging with Smart cover

Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging, and it was already revealed on the market for some time now. However, the existing technology uses a plugged charging station, which acts as a sender for the receiver device. The whole purpose of this technology is to remove all those annoying cables all around the house. Until it will be completely developed, I am sure that wireless charging will gather many followers.

The patent application discovered and entitled “Integrated inductive charging in protective cover”, suggests the use of an inductive power transmitter, namely the Smart cover, which will pass power for a host device. After this process, the iPad will be charged by a smart cover, which acts as a transmitter. The cover would start charging the iPad at the moment you close it using some magnetic attachments.

According to the patent’s description, the cover contains an inductive power transmitter, which is aimed to pass power to the receiver, which is disposed within the tablet. As I mentioned earlier, the cover contains magnetic attachments and the required charging circuitry. In order to make the wireless charging as easy and effective as possible, both the transmitter and the receiver are placed in strategically places.

As you can imagine, since the wireless charging does not occur through a plug-in source, the cover need to be charged when it will become unable to pass power for your iPad. A normal adapter will perform this process, which will make things just as they were before. However, this process will allow you to use your iPad for a long time before you run out of battery. Then, you will have to charge both the iPad and the Smart cover.

Following these facts, the charging process happens when users cover the iPad with the flap of the cover, meaning that it will start as soon as you put your device to sleep. Once the cover is removed, the charging process stops.

If this will turn into a real possibility, the wireless charging for iPad with the Smart cover, will become an excellent alternative for all those users addicted to their devices. Nevertheless, before using inductive wireless charging, we will have to wait for a new device to be released. The current iPads do not own inductive charging system within their structure.

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