iPad mini now in Stores | Specs and Features

I am sure that you are all familiar with the release of the iPad mini by Apple. Along with the release of the 7-inch device, Apple also released the iPad 4. This was not such big news for users because we all anticipated a smaller device to be released on the market. Therefore, I as revealed earlier, the iPad Mini is 7-inch wider and larger and this small smart device soon gained the appreciation of public. In order to be clear, the 7-inch display is actually 7.9 inch and 7.2 thicker. This is a new set of dimensions, which represents something new for all Apple fans all over the world.

Now, I want to show you the most important specifications and features that the new iPad mini can provide you. Its display and thickness are no longer needed to be mentioned. It is available in black and white for those of you who still value the color of their devices.

  1. Internal components. This topic is related to the A6X processors, which offers twice performance and power while maintaining a 10-hour life. However, due to its lighter and slimmer design, the device will definitely impress you with its lifetime.
  2. Camera. I know that this topic is quite important for most of you. I also know that you all enjoy taking pictures or initiating video calls with your loved ones. For this, the rear camera is still the one we get used on the iPad series. So, 5 MP will be more than enough to take great pictures. In the same time, the front camera is now HD, similar with the FaceTime camera of the iPhone 5.
  3. Connectivity. There is something new on the iPad mini connectivity. Compared to previous devices, the iPad is compatible with the LTE feature, which means that the device supports 4G connectivity.
  4. Prices. In the last part, I want to help you to make an idea about the costs of such device. As I told you earlier, you can buy it on black or white and the prices depend on the storage capacity. Therefore, the 16GB model is $499, the 32 GB model is $599 and the 64 GB version costs $699. These prices are only for the Wi-Fi models. If you want to enjoy a 4G LTE connectivity, then you need to pay extra $130.

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