iOS 7’s Photo App Brings Automatic Picture Organization

Apple’s latest version of the operating system presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday brought notable changes and features. When upgrading its OS, the Fruit Company focused mostly on changing the appearance of icons, apps and features.

One of the biggest application overhauls in the new iOS version is the Photos app, which has been redesigned to automatically organize pictures while taking full advantage of the Retina display.

Within the iOS 7, the Photos application is divided into three menu options: Photos, Shared and Albums. As it was expected, the default app is Photos where all pictures and images are automatically organized in a different way in which users can easily find the file that they are looking for.

Redesigned Photo App in iOS 7

Moreover, when displayed in small thumbnails, photos are presented based on the year they were captured. In the right part, a summary of the year appears to show where the pictures were taken. With the new organization, users find it more easily to recall all places where they have traveled during time.

While displaying the macro level, all small pictures are presented in a detailed manner in order to provide enough information for users to find the photo they are looking for. At the thumbnails level, this new option is taking full advantage of the iPhone’s Retina display.

Next, when the user taps on a specific year category, all photos within the respective year are being organized by date and location. In the left part, cities and regions are displayed while, on the right, users can see dates representing the time the pictures were shot. From here, users can go even deeper to view pictures from a more specific date or event. Now, pictures have the same size as they have on iOS 6 or previous iOS versions.

For all those who enjoy using their iPhone as a professional camera taking pictures to all-important moments of their lives, the new improved Photo app offered by the new iOS 7 will make a difference.

Within the second menu, the Shared one, users can create their own photo or video stream using the iCloud menu. Here, images can be shared with friends, commented about and re-shared with others.

In what concerns the latest menu, Albums, users can see the traditional Camera Roll that was found in previous versions of iOS. This is for users who do not enjoy the new aspect of the Photo app and want to keep up with the old one.

In the case of panoramas, video captures and other applications that can separately capture or edit photos, Apple has allowed them to have their own separate spaces and folders for an easier organization.

For sharing, the iOS 7 brings even more functionality including AirDrop wireless transfer while users can still share pictures through a text message, e-mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.

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