iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak: Evasi0n 7 and TaiG Third-Party App Store

The recent days have been quite busy in what jailbreaking is concerned. At the end of the last week, we witnessed the unexpected release of a new untethered jailbreak from the Evad3rs team. This was quite a surprise since nobody expected to see a jailbreak tool released for the iOS 7, especially this year. However, the team decided to release Evasi0on 7 for iOS 7, without offering any advanced details.

In the same time, the release was not as simple as most expected. In fact, it brought multiple problems and issues, as well as new app store platform in the case of Chinese users. As a matter of fact, all those who had Chinese set as the default language were seeing a third-party app store installed as default instead of the regular Cydia app. In the same time, it appeared that TaiG, the third-party app store, was full of piracy. Users accessed various cracked apps, which harmed their devices.

TaiG app store platform in China

As a way to clear things up, people at Evad3rs released a post to explain their own position on the whole jailbreak aspect. The post is actually long, but basically, it explained Evad3rs position related to this problem. As expected, critics blamed the developer team of partnering with an App store that offers to the Chinese market a gateway for hacked and dangerous apps.

The letter is addressed to the jailbreak community, and as it was stated above, it was meant to clarify all privacy concerns related to Evasi0n7. In the same time, it states that no data was provided to any service as part of the jailbreak process. Moreover, the team’s members claimed “as a member of the community whose work frees devices, it would be against everything we’ve worked for the last 7 years to jeopardize the security of the users of our software”.

As far as Evad3rs are concerned, developers reversed engineered TaiG’s code in order to verify it, and the code did not transmit any identifiable information. However, at this point, Evad3rs broke all deals with TaiG and discouraged the availability of a cracked version of Evasi0n 7 on their website, the version that installs the third-party app store.

What is worth mentioning is the fact that, within the letter, Evad3rs mentioned the fact that they did not make any money from the jailbreak because they do not take any donations. As a matter of fact, they explained the fact “Our donations are being given to Public Knowledge, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to help protect jailbreaking as your legal right”.

In what concerns TaiG, as it was mentioned, the third-party app store is available as default in China, and it can be removed once installed. Debating the things stated, this means that the jailbreak developers are offering people a choice, where they can easily uncheck TaiG installation, right from the jailbreaking process.

People at TaiG are hardly working on removing and cleaning its store of illegitimate apps. It is also important to note the fact that there have been no evidence that the new Evasion tool is not safe to use. In fact, according to Planetbeing, one of the Evad3rs, has confirmed the fact that Evasi0n7 is safe to use, and it does not upload private data from users’s devices. At this point, along with the release of the Evasi0n7 v1.0.1, TaiG is no longer installed in China when performing jailbreak. If you are among those who did not perform jailbreak, feel free to check out the Evasi0n 7 for iOS 7 untethered jailbreak tutorial and download the software from our Evasion download page.

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