iOS 7 Released with Major Design Overhaul, Multitasking and Control Center

“It’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” said Tim Cook while presenting the latest iteration of its mobile operating system. As it was expected, iOS 7 features a major design overhaul which removes many of the original elements found in previous versions of iOS.

Build under the direct supervision of Apple’s lead designer Jony Ive and engineering head Craig Federighi, the latest version of Apple’s operating system comes in a clean and gloss-less “flat” look, with all new icons, and a dynamic color scheme while offering multiple new features and options.

Everything about the look and feel of iOS has changed with version 7, including a redefined typography while all of the built-in applications have been completely rebuilt with a new look, including Messages, Calendar or the phone application.

With a new motion tracking capability, the iOS 7 device tracks motion as well as the screen moves, which carry over across the system.

Apple reveals iOS 7


In the case of design, iOS 7 features a new color scheme, with translucency meant to “create a sense of depth and vitality”. Now, the icons are flat as it was expected, with bright colors. Apps such as GameCenter have been entirely overhauled. The wood elements were removed making room for black and white ones with colored accents.

The Message app has encountered a wholly redesigned look with blue and white interface. Its function is now different. A simple swipe on the screen in messages will permit users to go from individual messages to a messages overview.

Related to the well-debated dull NotificationCenter, the iOS 7 presents a different, slightly transparent look. Now, the NotificationCenter is available from the Lock Screen mode as well as at the top of the app. Moreover, it synchronizes.

Control Center

The ControlCenter offers new preference controls. While users requested some quicker access to basic settings, the new enhanced ControlledCenter adds quick access to preferences such as Do Not Disturb, Brightness, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Flashlight. ControlCenter will be available from anywhere, including the lock screen.


Multitasking has also been enhanced “for all apps with great battery life”. The improved iOS 7 records users’ pattern of use in what concerns certain apps. In this way, the iOS 7 device will give application background cycles based on how often users access them.

Safari and AirDrop

The new updated Safari and AirDrop functionality will make browsing and sharing much easier than before. Safari offers a full-screen mode that allows users to focus more on content; while the AirDrop feature will allow users to quickly share content with friends using peer-to-peer Wi-Fi.


In the last part, Siri, the personal voice assistant receives a completely new interface. Now, Siri is less robot and more human. The voice recognition assistant will have options for male voices in multiple languages. Moreover, Siri gains the ability to control more features on the iPhone. In this way, users will be able to play voicemails, adjust brightness or read content from Twitter only by asking Siri.

Starting with today, iOS is available only for developers on iPhone. The iPad support is expected to come at a later date. For consumers, iOS 7 will be available this fall.

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