iOS 7 beta: iTunes Radio Showing Links To Purchase Songs On Lock Screen

Yesterday, at WWDC, Apple made a number of important announcements, unveiling its much rumored iOS 7, as well as iTunes Radio, the predicted Pandora like music streaming service.

After the first beta of iOS 7 has been given to the developers, these began reporting the various changes that Apple has made in this update. One of the discoveries refers to the fact that new iTunes Radio feature built in to the Music application in iOS 7 offers users the possibility to lock their iPhone’s display allowing the music to keep streaming. When the device is woken up, it seems that the lock screen will display the album art of the playing track.


In addition, iTunes will display links on the lock screen through which users can purchase the song that is being played, via iTunes. Therefore, underneath the artwork will be a “Download on iTunes” link.

Until now, the “Download on iTunes” link is only being shown to those who are not registered users of Apple’s $24.99-per-year iTunes Match service. The others who are not offered the iTunes Store link, as they are subscribed to iTunes Match, are able to see the album cover of the currently playing track.

However, this does not mean that the iTunes Match subscribers do not have the possibility to buy the currently streaming song by launching the Music application. Therefore, in order to go the iTunes Store and purchase a song, they can access the link showing the price of the track, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the Now Playing screen.

In addition, Apple’s new Radio service is ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers while, for everyone else, it will be available as an ad-supported version.

However, as iOS 7 is beta, before the mobile operating system is finalized and made available for everyone, it might suffer a couple of changes. This is the reason why not only that the advertisements could be removed entirely, but also the iTunes Match subscribers might be able to purchase songs by using the “Download on iTunes” link on their lock screen, as soon as the system becomes the final product.

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