iOS 7 Adoption Rate Reaches 71% in the First Month

When it was first unveiled at the WWDC in Cupertino, the iOS 7 was regarded as an innovative operating system, far different form what Apple fans were used to, but it delivered that fresh and new look, as any new iOS should.

A month after its grand release for the public back in September, Apple’s iOS 7 continues to break records when it comes to its adoption rate. The mobile software was successfully adopted in less than a month by nearly 75 percent of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners.

iOS 7 Adoption rate

Recent numbers reveal the fact that in only 27 days after its release, exactly 71 percent of worldwide iDevice owners have adopted the iOS 7. As a comparison, Apple’s previous mobile system, namely the iOS 6, in 30 days after its release was adopted only by 61 percent of all iOS owners.

For those who wonder what this 71 percent actually means in number of devices, find out that it means nearly 250 million devices of the 350 million active units in the whole world, announced Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt.

Within a public press release, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced that the company’s redesigned operating system was downloaded more than 200 million times. As expected, this represented a huge record even for the Cupertino tech giant. In the same time, the iPhone 5S/5c combined sales of almost nine million units only in the opening weekend. As an addition, Cook also mentioned the fact that the company sold over 700 million iOS devices since 2007, when the first iDevice was unveiled.

The new mobile software brings multiple changes and innovations. It has been regarded as Apple’s major design change since the first version of iOS was revealed back in 2007. With such a great deal of innovative features, the iOS 7 introduces both design and function changes, and it accounted for more than half of web traffic only a week after its release.

Users all over the world were curious regarding the new iOS and they hurried in upgrading their smart devices. In the first day, 112 percent online traffic error was reported due to the amount of people trying to download and install the iOS 7. Moreover, in 16 hours, more than 30 percent of all iOS users already run iOS 7 on their devices.

Encountering some problems such as the iMessages feature, users complained about the animated user interface causing motion sickness, the iOS 7 has managed to stay on top and become the most preferred operating system, defeating Android and other mobile software. Eager to fix the iMessage bug, the Lock Screen vulnerability and the iPhone 5S Touch ID problems, the Cupertino-based company already updated iOS 7 by offering two minor patches.

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