Intertrust Sues Apple on Patent Infringement Claim

Intertrust, a pioneer in digital copyright protection, sued Apple for violating a dozen of patents through its product lines, and this includes iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod and Mac computers, meaning all Apple devices.

Apple vs. Intertrust suit

Intertrust is known for developing the digital right management technologies, a program designed for preventing unauthorized access to music, movies apps or any other digital data. Now, Intertrust sues the Fruit Company of infringements of its security and content protection patents. In the same time, the suit is designed for some Apple services besides its line of products. Therefore, the iTunes, iCloud and App Store are also involved within this Intertrust patent infringement suit.

From time to time, technological companies such as Apple or Samsung are targets for patent violations suits from the part of some small companies. In the middle of these kinds of suits, the Congress is forced to offer more protection against the patent trolls.

Compared to Apple, Intertrust is a small company that creates and sells products for software development kits for trusted computing technologies. In the same time, the company is developing new technologies for working within the cloud. Within their suit, Intertrust does not ask for specified damages, but it is expected to receive royal payments and injunction for against further patent infringement.

In the same time, Intertrust has a history in suing other companies as well. For example, in the past, the company has sued Microsoft for patent infringement and the lawsuit concluded to a $400 million settlement for Microsoft in 2004. In addition, Intertrust also reached patent licensing agreement with HTC, Samsung and other major companies.

Shamoon, the chief executive at Intertrust affirmed the fact that no other companies use Intertrust technologies so extensively at so many levels as Apple does. The Cupertino Company uses their software within all their Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and even Apple TV. As I mentioned earlier, Apple products use Intertrust technologies in their App Store, iTunes and iCloud Service. For example, the iTunes service offers downloadable songs, which are copy-protected for Apple devices only. This was meant to protect the steamed and downloaded music, videos and movies.

In the same time, the Intertrust CEO clarified the fact that the lawsuit against Apple is not meant to fuel the war between the major smart technology manufacturers. So far, Apple did not officially responded to Intertrust claims, but in exchange, the Cupertino Company filed a response to Intertrust complaint.

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