Intelligent Contact Service Patent for Dynamic Communication System

Apple recently filed a patent for an intelligent contact service, which determines a dynamic communication system. The system determines when to send a text instead of a call.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday granted Apple the patent for intelligent contact service, which opens the paths for a dynamic communications system, which automatically selects the best method of contacting another person, choosing between voice, text or email, based on a given situation.

Intelligent Contact Service patent

Patent No. 8,433,805, also called ”Method and system for facilitating contacting people using electronic devices” describes a method through which people are notified by the most convenient manner through which they can contact another user. In some cases, the contactee can manually choose the method of communication.

The purpose of the patent is to solve the problems of communications between various users in some particular circumstances. In some cases, some mode of communications are likely preferable than others. When the contactor, meaning the person who tries to contact another user, initiates a phone call, but the contactee does not approve this communication method, the service automatically chooses another service such as email or text message. When driving or in a meeting, the contactee can manually select the method of communication.

The embodiment suggests the fact that the contacting service is used to provide information from a monitoring device, as well as preferable contact methods to a contractor.

Examples of monitoring devices include the GPS, personal computers, web camera, microphones and many others. When using the respective data, the service determines the user’s location in order to characterize the situation and provide useful details.

The contacting service can be easily customized by the user when using the internet-based service. Such options include time, location, activity and others. In case the GPS determines the user’s location, the contacting service accommodates according to the user’s needs. As another option, all these parameters can be set by using a graphical user interface, which assigns various rules for specific situations. In this way, the system is always ready for customization and error corrections.

How the system works, is pretty easy. Once the parameters are selected, the service waits for commands from the contactor. When the contactor selects a user from the address list, the service queries the contacting service, and then the service determines the contactee’s location and other likely activities in order to select the communication method.

The patent was filed for in 2008, and its inventor was Thomas Ethan Lowry. Apple is continuously trying to update their services and features, and all these patent applications are just a proof for the company’s continuous growth.



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