Instagram 4.2 For iPhone Updated For iOS 7

Now that Apple has revealed its latest operating system, app developers from all over the world hurry in order to update their apps. In this way, most of our favorite apps have received their big update that makes them compatible with the iOS 7.

So far, notable apps such as Reeder 2, Twitter and Facebook apps have been recently updated in order to support the iOS 7. However, there are still multiple other famous apps that wait for a big update.

Instagram 4.2 updated for iOS 7

One of these apps is Instagram. Thankfully, we did not have to wait too much because the great photo-sharing platform has recently being updated and it has reached version 4.2. The Facebook-owned company confirmed this big update on its official blog and users will be able to upgrade to the latest photo-based social network starting with today.

Instagram 4.2 for iPhone running on iOS 7 should be available in the App Store in a couple of hours; therefore, users will do not have too much to wait. For those who have automatic updates turned on, then you will not even know that the app has been updated.

This welcomed update brings new user avatars that now appear as flat rounded icons in the typical iOS 7 fashion. In the same time, in what concerns users’ photos, they will go edge-to-edge, meaning that users will be able to see larger photos across the board. The same happens in the case of videos.

What it is worth being said is the fact that the Instagram blog post said that the content will now be of a higher resolution, which means that everything on Instagram should look bigger as well as nicer. According to Instagram team, they have been focusing on making the whole experience more streamlined and easier than before.

Instagram, along with Tweetbot, is one of the most awaited to be iOS 7 updated apps. Since the iOS 7 was released, people were eager to see their favorite apps prepared for a completely new photo-sharing experience. Perhaps some of you might wonder why some developers did not update their apps since they have hand beta versions of iOS 7 for months in advance. However, we should be glad that we could still keep in touch with our friends’ updates while trying a completely new experience on our iOS 7 device.

For those who do not have automatic updates turned on, and you want to see how the new updated Instagram feels and looks on an iOS 7 device, just head over the Official App Store and search for Instagram 4.2 update.

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