Hulu Plus for Apple’s iPad Receives a Redesigned Look

Hulu Plus received a completely redesigned update for its video app in the Apple App Store for Apple’s iPad. According to Hulu, the update represents an entire new rebuilt from the ground up for the Apple tablet. The app was redesigned in order to make browsing more enjoyable than ever and to help users to discover new and exciting shows much easier.

The updated version Hulu Plus will offer users the possibility to tap on unfamiliar shows, to see the discover panel, which will give information regarding the show and individual episodes. When the user taps on a show, he will see the first, next or the latest episode depending on the history with that particular show.

Hulu Plus v3.0 Gets updated for Apple's iPad

Moreover, when the user clicks on an episode, a summary of it will appear, and the user will decide whether he will view it or not. With a simple swipe from the left or right, users will be allowed to view collections of shows and previous seasons until something attractive will came up.

The new user interface for Hulu Plus designed for Apple iPad will offer the possibility to minimize the screen allowing the user to multitask while the video continues to play. This means that users can minimize the video while playing and dealing with other things such as browsing, searching and more. In addition, navigation through television series has also received an improvement. Now, it is easier for users to find a certain episode that they want to watch.

Among all added features, the upgraded version offers full access to popular TV shows such as The Office, Modern Family, Family Guy and many others, classic series such as Lost or Battlestar Gallactica.

Users have the possibility to resume watching from where they left off on TV or other supported devices. In the same time, another useful feature added to the Hulu Plus version is the fact that now users are allowed to watch TV series over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

The Hulu Plus 3.0 updated version for Apple iPad is available within the iTunes App Store. The 12.3 MB download is compatible with iPad and iPad mini running on 5.0 or later. While the app download is free of charge, the service costs $7.99 per month. However, the price is not that high for those who enjoy having instant streaming access to high quality television series and movies.

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