How to Wireless Print a File with an iPhone

Everything is now easier using an iPhone. So, if you own an iPhone, you can take great photos, you can record the best moments of your life and then you can easily share them to others using some amazing apps and features. The good news is that now, all iPhone users can wirelessly print a file with an iPhone in a matter of seconds. It is simple, easy and it requires less time. Fortunately, many apps that can be found on App Store or on Cydia allow you to do this thing.

AirPrint for iPhone

Whether you own an iPhone 3GS, an iPhone 4 or latest device on the market, if you use the latest iOS released, it means that you also have access to the AirPrint app. As the name points it out, the AirPrint app is a great app that allows you to communicate wirelessly with your printer in order to print documents, your favorite photos or PDF files. The only condition is to share the same wireless network with your printer.

However, for this action, only some printers are available. If you own a Cannon, an Epson, an HP or a Lexmark printer, it means that you are eligible to use AirPrinter tweak to print files with your iPhone.

Once you have the AirPrinter installed on your device, it is easy to wirelessly print a file using your iPhone. All you have to do is to open the respective document and search for options. Among these options, you will be able to see the Printer option. Once you tap on the Printer option, you need to select the printer you want to use for this process. At this time, you have the possibility to choose how many pages you want to print or how many copies you want to take.

There are many other great apps you can use to print files from your iPhone. For example, you can install Print n Share, HP iPrint or Print Magic app if you want to be able to print your personal documents and photos using your smart device. However, before you choose to install a certain app; you need to do some research to see if your printer is compatible with it. As you can see, it is simple to wireless print a file when you own an iPhone. You will get rid of all those cables and you will have your personal files printed in a matter of seconds even if the printer is in the other room.


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