How to Watch Flash Videos on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Apple opens a new field in what concerns all their smart devices and their options for the entertainment of the users. However, as you all know, Apple devices do not support Adobe Flash Plugin to run on their devices. In this case, I assume that some of you wonder how it is possible to watch videos on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in these conditions. Actually, there are many tweaks and apps that can allow you to view flash videos on your iDevice.

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For example, the greatest movie or video platforms such as YouTube or Hulu permit you to watch videos or online movies without asking for a flash plugin. This is because they offer their products in an HTML 5 manner. Apple recognizes the HTML 5 format for videos and in this way; you can watch any type of video you want, right on your iPad or iPhone.

In the same time, some famous movie platforms such as Netflix, the already mentioned Hulu, or even the IMDb website have developed special apps and tweaks that allow users to watch any video format, TV series, full length videos right on their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch without requiring a flash player to view videos. In the same time, this is also the case of most of those flash games. They have a ported version especially designed for Apple devices and they run without any problem. However, when you want to download something from the internet, you have the option  of choosing a version supported by all Apple devices.

In the last part, for web browsing, when you want to see all those banners, animated ads or any other kind of video format, you do not have to worry for anything. These files will decode for themselves when you launch the page containing them. In what concerns larger files, you do need some help because they will not decode by themselves. If you want fewer troubles for your videos, you can try to use the Skyfire browser. It is a payable app, found on the App Store, but it is worth paying for it when you know that you can watch all your videos and movies without worrying for video flash plugin.

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