How to use iTunes 11 on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch | New Improved Features

The Fruit Company tries to improve their services in the best way possible. In this respect, they keep up offering us a lot of new features and improvements concerning their products, OS versions or services. Shortly after a new operating system was released, Apple updated their iTunes service as well. The new version and namely the iTunes 11 brought a lot of new improved features and options for all Apple clients. If you already upgraded and you want to know how to use iTunes 11 on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, here are some tips concerning its new improved features and options.

iTunes 11 features

First, the new iTunes version has full iCloud integration, which means that you can have your iTunes collection in the iCloud library. This also means that you do not have to download each song or video once again to use it in the iCloud service. You can easily tap to play any iTunes song you want within iCloud. Using your iCloud account, you are able to resume movies or TV series on your Apple TV or any other smart TV, because the service remembers where you last paused your movie.

One of the most used features offered by the new iTunes version is the fact that you can easily redeem an iTunes gift card by using your Mac camera. This means that if you have a gift to redeem, all you have to do is to take a picture of the card. In this way, you do not have to type down that long 16-digit number. For this, you have the option of using your camera to take a picture right from the iTunes menu. The “Up Next” feature is great for those of you who enjoy listening to music. When you have a song in your head and you do not want to forget it, but in the same time you do not what to stop the current one, all you have to do is to use this amazing feature to queue the respective track. Since we are discussing this topic, I want to mention the fact that the “Up Next” feature replaces the iTunes DJ/Party Shuffle feature.

Along with all those new features, the iTunes 11 gets also a new fresh design. The new interface is much user-friendly. If you want to visit the iTunes Store, you need to click on the sidebar because now, this is no longer visible when you first launch iTunes. Just to remember you, iTunes is not only a service to purchase media files to download them on your device. Here, you can also backup files, data and personal information. The iTunes feature also provides a better app management for you to be able to select, delete and arrange your apps in an easier way.


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