How to Use iOS 6 Shared Photo Streams

Photo sharing within iOS devices has received a major improvement along with the release of the Photo Streams app. This simple app allows you to share photos with other iOS users much easily. Now, the app has become a part of the new iOS 6 but many people still do not know how to use it.

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First of all, I will show you how this simple app works. You upload photos to your iCloud account, especially photo albums, and from here, you can easily share them to other users using the same app. You can share files to other devices, even non-iOS devices, if you use the email or the SMS feature. When you upload certain photos, you can create a special album and here, you can decide which photos you want to share. At this point, you will receive an URL address. This address can be also shared via SMS to notify others of the respective URL photo album.

In the same time, users can share photos only with certain users, only certain photos and then, they can share the link on other social platforms for the others to see it. However, for this, you need to turn on the iCloud app. For this, go to Settings, in the Photo app and search for the Shared Photo Streams. If you want to create a new album or a Shared Photo Stream, all you have to do is to press the plus sign and add new photos. At this moment, you will be asked to give the album a name and to select the people you want to share your album with. They will be subscribed to your album. If you enable the Public Website option, then, all your friends will be able to share your Shared Photo Stream in order to show it to others.

The app works pretty much the same as Facebook. Your subscribers will be notified each time you add a new photo in your album and they will be able to like your photos. It is much simpler than Facebook, because members do not need a Facebook Account to comment or like your photos. The iOS 6 shared Photo Stream is relatively easy to use and once you have figured it out, you will share photos with your friends in a quick and easy manner.

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