How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

Voice Memo is a very handy and useful app that allows users to make a quick recording of a voice memo or a conversation. It is handy mostly because it replaces those mini-tape recorders that people use to record notes while driving or reading.

If you happen to be a fan of Voice Memos, and you enjoy using this useful feature, I am sure that you want to know how you can transfer voice memos from your iPhone to your personal computer. However, this information is useful for those who do not want to keep tons of voice memos on their iPhone.

Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

Some users want to copy them over to a computer, for archival and backup purposes, or only to remove the Other Data that can take a lot of storage space. Copying Voice Memos to a Mac can be quite easy. In fact, users have two different methods, each with different benefits.

Transfer Voice Memos through Email

The first solution is to transfer Voice Memos through email. For some, this might be the most appropriate method since it is the easiest one. Within the Voice Memo app, there is the Share option. From here, users can easily share the Voice Memos through email.

However, this alternative is suitable only when sending a single Voice Memo or a small group of recordings. The mail feature does not allow larger files to be attached. In the same time, the Share option also provides the possibility to choose Message instead of Email. The Message option is suitable only for Mac owners.

It is worth mentioning that the Sharing option is not useful when users do not have internet or cellular connection available.

Transfer Voice Memos Using iExplorer

In case users want to transfer multiple Voice Memos at the same time, the Email sharing option is not useful. In this case, the iExplorer app is the right solution. This free app lets users browse through any iOS device in the same way as dealing with a FTP server.

With iExplorer, users will have the possibility to directly copy various files such as Voice Memos, files from iPhone or iPad, in less time.

The first step in transferring Voice Memos to a computer is to download the iExplorer free app. After the application is installed, users need to connect the iOS device to the computer using the USB cable.

At this point, all files from the iOS device will be displayed in folders. For Voice Memos, look in iPhone > Media > Recordings, and find the appropriate file that you want to copy. A simple drag will copy any file to the computer.

Despite the method you choose in order to transfer files on the computer, you will find them stored as m4a audio documents, and they can be easily accessed as any other audio file.

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