How to Sync Gmail / Google Contacts with iOS

Syncing Google / Gmail contacts with any iOS devices like an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is pretty easy. The process transfers all Google Contact details into the iOS device while keeping all contacts in sync.

This means that all changes made in one service will be noticed on the other one near instantaneously. At a first sight, this might resemble with the iCloud service between Apple devices. In addition, it offers the ability to sync across platforms and between Apple and Google Services.

How to sync GoogleGmail contacts with iOS

In this case, the setup is very easy and simple. However, before starting with any syncing process, users should take a time to back up iPhone contacts. For this, the iTunes or iCloud services can offer the proper support.

In the same time, simply exporting them from the web and doing a proper copy of all contacts is a good alternative to create a backup copy. It is unlikely something will go wrong, but it is always good to be prepared and safe in the same time.

Set Up Google / Gmail Contact Syncing

Fortunately, the configuration process and setting up a  Google / Gmail account is the same on any iOS device or OS version. As it was mentioned earlier, the process is easy, simple and safe in the same time.

1. The first step is to open Settings in iOS, then go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

2. At this point choose Add Account option and scroll down to select Other.

3. Under the Contacts option, select the Add CardDAV Account option.

4. This will reveal a different option for completing your Google account. Fill in the details for your Google account in order to sync contacts with:


User Name: (Your User Name)

Password: (your password)

Description: Google Contacts.

5. Tap Next to import and sync Google contacts to iOS.

This is it. In case of huge and long lists of contacts stored with Google, the process may take a moment to sync. Launch the Contacts in order to confirm that your Google/Gmail contacts are now on your iOS iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

As for the CardDAV, the feature is great because it syncs both ways. This means that if users perform changes or add a new contact from Google’s services, it will sync back to the iOS device and vice-versa. This is great for users who share multiple devices such as an Android device and an iOS device, and they need their contact list on both devices.

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