How to Share Files Between iDevices Wirelessly with iShareFile or AirForShare

I am sure that some of you are jealous of all those android devices who share files so easily and quickly through the wireless connection. This was one of the biggest problems the iOS users encountered during time. Users complain about their lack of wireless or Bluetooth support for transferring files between their iOS devices. However, if this feature is not included in the operating system, it does not mean that it is not possible.

share files wirelessly

Now, we have the possibility to share files between iDevices wirelessly in an easy and quick manner. With the help of Cydia Store, you can access a lot of third party apps for sharing files and data between devices or between a device and a computer. These apps are free of charge and it can be easily downloaded, but the thing is that you need to install it on your device and your friend’s device as well. Now, I want to show you several apps that can help you to share your favorite files with your friends.

1. First, the iShareFile app is one of the simplest apps to share files because you do not need an account to use it. First, you install it on your device and on your friend’s device, and then you do not have to do anything else. When you want to share files, all you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth feature and then to scan for devices.

2. Simple Drop on the other hand is a little bit more complicated, but you have many more features and possibilities. Using the Wi-Fi connection and this amazing app, you can share photos, music, files, videos and even contacts. For this, you need to run the same version of Simple Drop as the receiver. When you want to share files to your computer, you need to run the same version on your computer as well.

3. In the final part, I want to mention the AirForShare app. This app has its successful counterpart in the Android part. Now, iOS users can also benefit of this amazing app and they can share files, data or contacts to other iOS device, a computer and even with an Android device. I need to mention the fact that this app requires the same Wi-Fi connection to work. In my opinion, it is the most convenient way to share files between iDevices and more.

Share your favorite photos or videos wirelessly, in a quick manner with any other iOS device, computer or Android Device simply by using one of these amazing apps.

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