How to Secure iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch [Full Guide]

Everybody wants to keep their stuff private and away from inquisitive eyes. It is hard to keep all your personal files secret in a place where nobody can find them. You imagine how it would be if all your personal emails, texts, photos or files would be discovered and revealed to the wrong person?

secure iphone, secure ipad

Fortunately, all Apple devices are famous for their safety and security offered to their users. Users have multiple alternatives in order to protect their personal data on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You are able to secure your device in order to have all your files safe and away from curious eyes.

One of the most important features that you can use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or on almost all touchscreen devices is to protect the main screen. You can assign a password, a four-digit number or maybe an important number for you. Take into consideration an unknown number for the rest of the people, a number that only you know. Avoid assigning your birth date or any other important dates. If you want to assign a password for the main screen, here is what you need to do:

-Go to General tab;

-Find the Passcode Lock option;

-Select Turn Passcode On and assign the four-digit number you want as a password.

Keep in mind to turn off the Voice dial option because in this way, you can still make phone calls even when your device will be protected by a passcode. This will give your friends an advantage to call people when you are not around.
If the simple passcode is not enough for you, you can choose an alphabetical passcode, which also contains letters, besides numbers. You have also the possibility to set a period of time for the password to be active. Depending on your personal needs, you can set up to four hours, when your device will be protected. For those of you who are afraid of being revealed when your devices are being stolen, you have the possibility to turn on the Erase All Data option. This means that your whole phone data will be erased if you enter your passcode wrong for ten times. The tenth time, your personal files will disappear automatically.

When you want to restrict certain aspects related to your device, you have the Restrictions section where you can turn off or on certain features regarding web browsing, emailing or deleting apps. This is great especially for those of you who have young children who enjoy installing apps or buying things. As you can see, there are many alternatives to keep your data protected and secured. Secure your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by choosing the alternative that suits you better.

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