How to Save SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella [Tutorial]

Saving SHSH blobs is a useful process for downgrading iOS firmware on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, several devices, namely those running on older iOS were able to downgrade without asking for permission to the Apple server. Since this thing is no longer possible, developers found various alternatives to do this thing. As a matter of speaking, the reason why we should save the SHSH blobs is a simple one. We need to save our SHSH blobs on our current firmware in order to be able to perform a future downgrade if the next iOS version is not pleasing us. In the same time, until untethered jailbreak is released for iOS, users who accidentally upgrade to it are able to downgrade anytime they want.

With the help of TinyUmbrella, users are able to save their SHSH blobs and to downgrade to their previous firmware without asking for permission from iTunes and Apple and even from Cydia. Here is a simple tutorial that shows you the exact steps to save SHSH on your Apple device by using TinyUmbrella. I also want to mention that this application supports Windows, Mac and Linux so any operating you have will be covered.

1. As you may imagine, the first step is to download TinyUmbrella software.

2. Second, you need to install the application on your computer. This process is simple and it will install TinyUmbrella in several seconds.

3. Once you have TinyUmbrella available, launch the application.

4. For the next step, you need to plug your device to your computer. Now, the software will detect your device and once you find it on the Connected devices list, click on it.

5. Click on the Save SHSH button and wait until TinyUmbrella does its job. The whole process will take only several minutes.

At the end of the process, you will be able to see Saved SHSH Blobs in the General tab if you want to check. This means that the process was successful and you now can downgrade to the respective firmware every time you want even if you are upgraded to a higher iOS firmware. Remember to repeat the process with every iOS version you choose to update on your device. SHSH files can be saved only if Apple signs them. Once Apple stops signing them, you have nothing else to do.

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