How to Report iMessage Spam to Apple

The iMessage service for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac has gained the public’s attention through its effectiveness. Since it first appeared along with iOS 5 and OS X Lion, iMessage has been a relative success.

However, as any other software or service, the iMessage service has its own flaws. Apparently, the most annoying problem among users is the fact that iMessage lacks a proper blocking or reporting feature for spam messages.

The iOS 7 will allow users to block Apple IDs, but so far, since iOS 7 is not available for public use, the Cupertino-based company has revealed the possibility to enable users to take action against any abusive or offensive behavior.

Reporting iMessage Spam Messages

Apple’s new spam-reporting feature will enable users to report offensive correspondence by sending a message to, along with the screenshot of the spam message you received. In the same time, you need to add the full email address or contact number from which you received the message, as well as the day and the time of the message.

The only bad part with this new feature is the fact that the whole process takes a little bit longer. It is a multi-step process, a process that might convince several users to let it go.

As a first step in reporting a spam message from iMessage is to take a screenshot. When you receive the iMessage spam on your iOS device, press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time. In the case of a Mac, use Command, Shift and 3 keys. The screenshot will be saved on iOS camera roll or Mac’s desktop.

Once the screenshot is saved, compose the message with the already-mentioned details and send it to that respective address. This means that your message needs to contain the screenshot with the proof, details about the sender, as well as date and time. You will not receive an answer too soon, but with a little bit of luck, Apple will consider these reports and eliminate spammers form the iMessage network.

This process is not like having a spam report button, which would ease things a lot. However, until iOS 7 will arrive allowing users to block unwanted callers, texters and iMessage spam senders, the reporting feature developed by Apple will be more than welcomed.

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