How to Rename Message App Conversations with MessageRenamer

Most people use the Message app in order to start conversations with friends or contacts. It is a simple way to communicate mostly because it allows users to start group conversations. Sometimes, some group conversations are very valuable and need to be saved.

In this respect, MessageRenamer, a recently released jailbreak tweak, allows users to save message conversation with a designated name, in order to differentiate it from the rest of conversations.

The tweak efficiently renames all conversations contained within the stock Message app. It can turn out to be efficient and useful for a variety of reasons. For example, when you want to locate a certain conversation, such as work or school, you can easily rename it and then located even easier.

MessageRenamer tweak to rename messages

The MessageRenamer tweak features no options or settings to configure after installation. Users only need to install the tweak and then to easily use it by simply tapping and holding on the header of the conversation.

As it is expected, the primary option offered by MessageRenamer is to rename message conversations. Using this feature will bring up a dialogue box announcing users to enter a name for the respective conversation.

After this, a single tap on the Set button in order to confirm the change and the message will be named as the user wants. It is worth mentioning the fact that when tapping the conversation box, three options will appear Rename, Reset and Cancel.

After you renamed a conversation, but you have changed your mind, all you have to do is to perform the same action as when renaming the message conversation and instead of choosing Rename, you choose Reset. The conversation will gain its original name, which normally contains the names of the contacts involved in the conversation.

A primary version of the MessageRenamer tweak contained a bug, which reset the names whenever the Message app was killed. Fortunately, this was fixed in the last version of MessageRenamer, which has recently been revealed in Cydia Store. Along with the bug fix, MessageRenamer developer decided to redesign the pop-up dialogue box. Now, the tweak looks and feels more like an iOS stock app.

As you can see, the MessageRenamer tweak can turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you find yourself in the position of using the Message app often, especially with the group conversation feature. The tweak can make it easier to locate and place context to group conversations and helps users to keep a tidy Message app.

For those who are interested in downloading and installing MessageRenamer on their iOS devices, the tweak can be found within the BigBoss repo, and it is free of charge.

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