How To Pin Reminders to iPhone Lock Screen

It is difficult to keep in mind so many things, so many details in your everyday life. You can set an alarm to remind you about that specific thing, but as some of you, and this includes me, enjoy snoozing the alarm multiple times, this can prove to be quite useful. On the other hand, if you see a to-do list each time you unlock your iPhone, then the most probably is that you will be tired of seeing it and start doing it. For this, you need to find out how to pin reminders to iPhone on Lock Screen.

Reminders+ Tweak on iPhone Lock Screen

The Reminders+ tweak available in Cydia Store is great because will keep on showing what you must do right in the lock screen in a persuasive manner. Other similar tweaks show you the to-do list in the Notification center but this is not that effective since not everybody visits the Notification Center regularly. Once you have this amazing tweak installed on your device, you will find it quite easy to deal with it. The tweak has a Bulletin section, which allows you to add tasks anytime you want. Your tasks are not shown in the form of a widget or a notification so when you accidentally click on it, the application will not launch instantly.

In order to edit or change tasks, all you have to do is to tap and hold on a specific task from the list and the Add Bulletin option will launch. Another thing that I want to mention is the fact that reminders are not automatically added to the Bulletin even if their alarm time is getting closer. For this, you have to pick them one by one and customize the list as it suits you better, according to your priorities. You can even set a task with a “pending” or “completed” status and they remain so until you manually remove them. If you want to remove a certain task from the list, all you have to do is to tap and hold the entry and choose the Remove Bulletin option.

I as mentioned earlier, in order to be able to download the Reminders+ tweak, you need to own a jailbroken device and to download it from Cydia Store. It is available in the BigBoss repository free of charge. In this way, you will have all your things done without forgetting any of them. Keep in mind that the Reminders+ tweak does not interfere with the regular iOS reminders. These are two different things and they act as different applications. This simple yet amazing tweak can prove to be quite useful for many of you, especially for those of you who keep forgetting things.

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