How to Move iPhone, iPad or iPod Music Playlists to iTunes

I am sure that there are so many of you who enjoy listening to good music on their own iPhone, iPod or iPad whenever you have some spare time. Listening to music when you do jogging or when you go to work is a normal thing. In this case, to make things even easier, you need to create your personal playlist in order to have all your favorite songs one after another. It is quite annoying to press next a couple of times until you find the song you want to listen.

move music from iphone to itunes, move music from ipod to itunesThe good thing with all those smart devices is the fact that you can create a playlist on your iPhone, and then you can easily share it on your iPod or even computer to listen to your favorite songs at a different level. Moreover, you can go the other way around as well. Let me tell you that it is quite easy to create a playlist. You will see the Add Playlist option and there you can add any song you want to listen. Once you gathered the most important songs for you, you can click Done at the end. You have to admit that this is quite simple and easy, and almost everyone can do it.

However, the problem is with the syncing part. This is what most people find more difficult. Actually, it is a piece of cake. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your desktop computer through the USB cable and start launching iTunes. When the windows will be open, in the left part, select your device from the list of recognizable devices. At this point, in the Playlists, artists, albums, and genres section, you can choose the playlist you want to save on your computer. Click on it and click on the Apply option. Now, the playlist will be synced with your computer. It is that easy as it sounds to move iPhone, iPad or iPod music playlist to iTunes.

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