How to Kill Running Apps on iOS 7

Apple has launched the iOS 7 two weeks ago and more and more users are upgrading their iDevices each day. The new improved operating system opens the path of a whole new experience for Apple fans. It is the first time when the Cupertino-based Company decided to change its iconic design almost completely.

In this respect, the new iOS 7 brings an updated multitasking view for switching between running apps, as well as multiple other useful features. However, some of these features might give a headache to some users. For instance, the Fruit Company has decided to change the way in which users quit and close out apps running the in background.

For those who tend to open multiple apps at the same time, apps that ask for system usage and battery I am sure that the new manner of closing apps has proved to be quite tricky.

How to kill apps in iOS 7

Compared to the iOS 6, Apple’s latest operating system changed the way in which users can stop running apps. As a matter of fact, some users consider this to be a beneficial change which makes use of the multitasking screen. Now, users will be able to close an app at a time, or, with the help of the multitouch feature, they can easily quit multiple apps at the same time.

Therefore, quitting a single app on an iOS 7 device, requires only several gestures.

1. First of all, double tap on the Home button on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in order to open app switcher screen.

2. The following step is to swipe up on an apps preview panel to push it off the screen. When swiping up to the top of the screen, the running app is closed.

This process can easily be repeated for closing other running apps, as well.

In the case of multiple apps, users are able to see the benefits of owning a multitouch device with an improved operating system.

1. Again, as in the case of a single tap, summon the app switcher panel with a double tap on the home screen.

2. Next, place three fingers onto multiple app preview panels and swipe up on them in the same time, pushing them off screen in order to quit.

For a different set of apps, just repeat the process to quit all running apps.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the multitouch gesture works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices that run on iOS 7. Using this method, users can close up to three running apps at the same time, but in the case of a small number of apps, users can easily quit one app at a time.

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