How to Install and Use iBooks | Add iBooks PDF Files

Along with this major advance in technology, we have many more possibilities for entertaining and for spending our free time. Despite all those numerous games and movie apps, some people still choose to read a good book on their smart devices. While for some people, the 4-inch display of the new iPhone 5 is not enough to spend time reading, the impressive Retina display of the new iPad is more than enough. If you enjoy reading a good book, then you need the right app for this. Most people use the iBooks app for reading books on their iPad. Despite the fact that it is a native Apple app, iBooks is not pre-installed on the iPad, even if it is free. Here are some simple steps of how to install and use the iBooks app on your iPad.

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– First, you need to download iBooks on your device. As I mentioned earlier, it is a free app, so you do not have anything to worry about.

– Connect your device to your computer and launch your iTunes account.

-Drag the iBooks file on your iPad.

– After the transfer is completed, disconnect your iPad from your computer.

Now, you have the iBooks app on your iPad. It is simple and easy to use. First, when you first launch the app, you get to see a bookshelf. Since you do not have any books already saved, there will be no books displayed. So, with the navigation bar, you can search and select the books you want to save on your device for a further read.

Since some of the most important documents and presentations are in a PDF mode, you will definitely want to learn how you can add iBooks PDF files on your iPad. For this, you need to connect your device once again to your computer and launch the iTunes service. Once iTunes recognizes your device, in the left side, you will be able to see Library. Here you can see all books and PDF files saved on your device. You can sync them with your computer or you can add new ones in the same way. With a simple Drag and Drop method, you can add iBooks PDF files or any other book you want. You can even arrange them by author and category if you want. At the end, you must click on the Apply button.

Now, you have your own personal library with your favorite books and your favorite authors, to read them when you have some spare time.

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