How to Hide Built-in Apps And Disable iAds

The Apple Store released a new application named HiddenApps can be utilized for handling a number of the built-in features of iOS, without jailbreaking the device. This application is useful in case you decide to hide the built-in iOS apps that you might not need all the time.

Whoever decides to use HiddenApps must be aware of all the features it offers. As mentioned above, the app is useful when wanting to camouflage useless apps, such as Weather, Newsstand or Passbook, but it also allows you to perform a couple of other actions. You ought to know that, in the application’s main menu, there is a button able to entirely disable iAds. With this button, you can completely remove all iAds from all the applications.

How to Hide Built-in Apps And Disable iAds

One other thing you are able to do using this new app is to access the hidden Field Test app. This may be used along with a force-quit bug, to exhibit your mobile strength numerically instead of as a set of bars.

The way that these tricks function is far from being difficult to understand, especially if you have been using an iOS device for a while. All you need to do is to tap a button and this application begins installing a different app over-the-air. Due to the fact that the launching is unsuccessful on purpose, you end up deleting the failed installation from your home screen. By removing it, you actually do the intended change.

The changes are not foolproof!

Although this process appears to be extremely easy, it is not infallible. The changes you made with HiddenApps can be reversed when rebooting if you are jailbroken. This means that the numeric signal strength becomes again as it used to be: a set of bars. In addition to this, the iAds, as well as the hidden apps reappear. In this case, the only thing that can be done is restarting the process again. It sounds annoying, but this is the only solution for the iOS users who refuse to perform a jailbreak on their device.

In case you want to try this, you must visit the App Store and get it. The good news is that HiddenApps is available for free. Before you decide to use this app, remember that HiddenApps requires iOS 6.

In conclusion, if you believe you need an app that can hide stock iOS apps and disable iAds, you’d better grab it now before Apple changes their mind!

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