How to Force Restart iPhone [Complete Guide]

The iPhone is a small smart device that fits in your palm, and just like any other computer or tablet; sometimes there is a need of a restart or a reboot. Once in a while, when your device freezes or when you cannot access any app on the home screen, then you know that your device requires a reboot. Actually, there are multiple problems, which require a restart or a reboot. I am sure that most of you do not know what to do in these cases. However, if you want to restart your iPhone, there are some simple steps you need to follow.

force restart, force restart iphoneThe hardware reboot can be performed if you press and hold the Wake button and the Home button in the same time for a couple of seconds. Continue doing this until the screen turns black and your iPhone shuts down. After this, wait a couple of seconds and then turn your device back on. For this, you need to press and hold once again the Wake button and the Home button for another ten seconds at least, until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. At this moment, do not hurry to start tapping the screen and giving multiple commands to your device. You must let it go through its normal boot phase in order to load all files in their exact order for a proper functioning.

If this process does not solve your problem, then you should consider doing something else. Maybe if you sync your device to your computer, you will see what it is wrong with it. In this way, you will create an important data transfer, which might solve the problem. On the other hand, some devices freeze when they run completely out of battery. In this case, you need to wait a couple of seconds until your device regains some power to turn on and to work properly.

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