How To Fix Siri Error on iOS 6

According to several users, Siri, the voice-recognition assistant, encountered several problems when updated to iOS 6 including a Siri error. Siri has become an indispensable feature for all iOS users especially when you have your hands engaged in something else. It is simpler to use Siri to send a mail, a text or just to search for a new location. Sir has become quite helpful and users want to make use of it at its full capacity. As I mentioned earlier, some users encountered problems when using Siri on their brand new iPad updated to iOS 6.

Here I want to show you a way in which you will be able to fix any Siri error that you find on your iPad. However, some problems are caused by a poor internet connection, which leads to a bad communication between the personal assistant and user.

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Therefore, you need to make sure that your internet connection works properly for using Siri. If the problem persists and you still receive the Siri error, then you have to choose one of the three alternatives available.

Step 1:  The first option you should choose is to restart your device.

–  Press and hold the power button.

–  Turn off your device and wait several moments.

–  Press the power button and turn on your device. For some users, this procedure solved their problem and Siri had become fully functional.

Step 2: The second alternative is to restart your network settings.

– Tap on the Settings tab

– Go to General and search for the Rest option.

– Choose Rest Network Settings option and enter the confirmation password. This should be the solution to the Siri error problem. However, if these two solutions are not working, there is the another way to make Siri working.

Step 3: The third option and the ultimate one should be performed only in extreme cases. This means to restore factory settings on your device. However, before you do this thing, you should create a back up plan for your files. As I said before, this alternative should be performed only if the previous two options were not successful.

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