How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Error

Many users complain about the iPhone stuck on Apple Logo issue. In a few words, most of them tried to boot their devices and the Apple Logo remained stuck on the screen. This is an important problem because it prevents people from updating or jailbreaking their devices to the latest iOS. Users tried to turn off and off the device several times, and even to place it in the DFU mode, but none of these options was of any help.

Here is what you need to do if you want to get rid of this problem and to be able to place your device in the DFU mode once again in order to complete the jailbreak process or the upgrading process.

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Step 1: Turn off your device

Step 2: Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer.

Step 3: Put your device in the DFU mode. For this, you need to press and hold the Power Button and the Home Button in the same time for a couple of seconds. After 10 seconds, you need to release the Power Button, but keep pressing the Home Button. You need to wait until your device enters in the DFU mode. If you hurry the process, it will not be successful at all. When the screen will turn out black, it means that you entered the DFU mode successfully.

Step 4: At this time, your device will enter in the DFU mode and iTunes will notify you that a recognizable device has been spotted in the list.

Step 5: Once you select your device, click OK. At this time, you can click the Restore button and your device will start restoring as in the initial phase.


This is about all you need to do if you want to fix iPhone Stuck on Apple logo Error. It is simple and safe in the same time. It does not take that long but it is effective. Restoring your device will bring it back to you in the working mode, but this means that the jailbreak will not take place. For this, you need to restart the jailbreak process once again.

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