How To Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Error

Many users complain about the iPhone stuck on Apple Logo issue. In a few words, most of them tried to boot their devices and the Apple Logo remained stuck on the screen. This is an important problem because it prevents people from updating or jailbreaking their devices to the latest iOS. Users tried to turn off and off the device several times, and even to place it in the DFU mode, but none of these options was of any help.

Here is what you need to do if you want to get rid of this problem and to be able to place your device in the DFU mode once again in order to complete the jailbreak process or the upgrading process.

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Step 1: Turn off your device

Step 2: Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer.

Step 3: Put your device in the DFU mode. For this, you need to press and hold the Power Button and the Home Button in the same time for a couple of seconds. After 10 seconds, you need to release the Power Button, but keep pressing the Home Button. You need to wait until your device enters in the DFU mode. If you hurry the process, it will not be successful at all. When the screen will turn out black, it means that you entered the DFU mode successfully.

Step 4: At this time, your device will enter in the DFU mode and iTunes will notify you that a recognizable device has been spotted in the list.

Step 5: Once you select your device, click OK. At this time, you can click the Restore button and your device will start restoring as in the initial phase.


This is about all you need to do if you want to fix iPhone Stuck on Apple logo Error. It is simple and safe in the same time. It does not take that long but it is effective. Restoring your device will bring it back to you in the working mode, but this means that the jailbreak will not take place. For this, you need to restart the jailbreak process once again.

Latest Comments
  1. a name

    if you download semi-tether on your your such ipod touch or iphone u can boot it on a tethered jailbreak most fuctions of the jailbreak wont work but your idevice will boot in a semi tethered state.
    NOTE:certain packages will still work u can look around for packages that will work

  2. lisa

    I need to do this reboot but my power button does not work :( long story short I dropped my phone in water and now it starts up with apple logo then goes off and on leaving me with a NAND keepout message I have tried to connect it to itunes my laptop will not recognise that its plugged in can any one help me or is it time for a new phone??

  3. Melanie

    please no rude comments like i should not have attempted to jailbreak or something like that.

    I simply attempted to jailbreak my old apple iphone 3GS which has iOS 5..1 also it appeared as if it had been working however it just stored restarting once it had been done this i re did cellular phone in redsnow but rather i had been attempting to un-install it. now each time i attempt to intall or un-install it simply states error an does not do anything whatsoever… and it is not turning up in itunes and so i cant restore it or anything… any ideas?? help i dont would like it to you need to be stuck the inability to utilize it.

    and if i introduced it to apple to ascertain if they are able to restore it might they not since i have attempted to jailbreak it?

    if it is just stuck around the apple logo design could they can know without a doubt which i attempted to jailbreak it?

  4. PoohBearPenguin

    i attempted to update ios via wi-fi compatability on apple iphone… the loadding bar increased for a little, and so the apple logo design just continues flashing…

    i attempted using redsnow to simply boot, however it takes me to itunes , then RESTORE is there the choice. then since i have have ios 5 it begins installing the ios 6 and lastly when attempting to set up it states… error,,, because my apple iphone is JAILBROKEN so netiher i’m able to do sth from itunes nor from apple iphone itself ,,, m stuck… my parents are likely to kill me basically dont repair it .. so plzzz assist me to

  5. jordenkotor

    So a few days ago I revealed my apple iphone 4s with Cydia and it is continues to be fine, I lately downloaded Bytafont to alter my font, following a couple days with a brand new font I needed to return to the initial font, and so i went onto Bytafont and pressed the restore button, it stated something a good error however i just pressed continue also it switched off enjoy it would respring, however it will not switch on, its stuck around the apple logo design screen also it keeps vibrating. How do i repair it?! Im going to restore it on ITunes now.

  6. Gundown64

    ok heres the offer, my father bought an apple iphone 3gs of uncle and gave it in my experience, however it were built with a passcode onto it and so i couldnt so something with it since i didnt be aware of passcode, so my mother required it to some place where they cope with these kind of problems, plus they fixed it, required the passcode off, and removed everything, however i didnt know they removed everything i simply thought they required the passcode off, and so i visited ‘erase all content and settings’ because clearly i did not want the prior proprietors stuff on the website still (despite the fact that it was not), it got stuck in recovery mode where i couldnt make use of it, only the apple logo design could be in the center of the screen thats it, and so i downloaded itunes, connected the apple iphone to my computer and itunes stated it detected an apple iphone in recovery mode and must be restored, and so i clicked on on restore, a message put their hands up and stated ‘this will totally reset the apple iphone to factory configurations removing all media blah blah blah’ and so i clicked on ok also it began rebuilding/resetting, then about 65% of how with the process it stops and error 1015 appears, i attempted over and over also it still pops up,

    PLEASE please someone let me know how to proceed????

    i have no idea what firmware it’s either :( someone help

  7. zaclo

    So, lately my step father got me an apple iphone second hands from the friend. The apple iphone was jailbroken and stuck around the apple logo design, I handled to repair that however it appears as though its stuck in recovery mode. I’ve attempted rebuilding it but I’ve had the “Unknown error -1″ message. I have used many programs like snowbreeze, redsn0w and tinyumberalla but didn’t have luck.

    Can anybody assist me to.


  8. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    My apple iphone 3gs 32gb will not go beyond the apple logo design any longer. It had been jailbroken, and that i attempted to update the program and itunes stored putting it in recovery to update it after which it might hit errors. I made use of recovery fix on redsn0w which labored the very first time, therefore i made changes on my small computer to repair the mistake and this time around it managed to get further however totally cocked in the phone. Now it’s stuck around the apple logo design. any advice?

  9. Marshal

    my apple iphone is stuck around the apple logo design and wont work and so i blocked it in and absolutely nothing happend and so i place it in recovery mode and attempted to revive it but each time i attempt it states “the apple iphone can’t be restored. a mystery error happened? anybody no how you can repair it

  10. nmlpc

    i’ve got a mexican apple iphone that will not read any sim from america including at&t it just reads tecel and that i actually want to make use of this apple iphone i heardd of base band 4.11.08 being unlocked but idk how pleasee assist me to

  11. blarg blarg

    [This phone was in the US and “openlined” within the Phlippines to ensure that I possibly could apply it calling]

    Now my phone is stuck around the apple and itunes logo design. I attempted recuperating from itunes on my small computer however i have this error 1015. I attempted multiple fixes online but nonetheless didnt get results.

    Used to do probably the most stupidest factor rofl! I did not even backup…

    Can anybody assist me to with this particular problem. Im a real noob in fixing this type of problem.

    All I want may be the fundamental applications like safari, message, etc. I do not require the applications that I have bought.

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