How To Fix iPhone 5 Cellular Data Usage on Verizon

There were numerous bug fixes in what concerns the already-famous iPhone 6. There were some problems, but fortunately, developers worked pretty fast in order to solve them all. The latest problem is related to the cellular data usage for Verizon customers. Apparently, the iPhone 5 was using cellular data even when the Wi-Fi was turned on. This means a high loss for mobile data and users complained about higher mobile bills. The good news in this whole thing is the fact the Verizon agreed to pay for the unwarranted cellular usage for all Verizon Wireless customers. The cause of the problem seems to be the tendency of iPhone 5 to turn off Wi-Fi in the sleep mode.

However, back to our things, Apple already found a way to solve this bug. If you want to know how to fix iPhone 5 cellular data usage on Verizon, you should read the following guide.

1. In the Settings Tab, tap on General option and then continue with About.

2.  Wait until an alert window appears.

3. Tap OK on that respective window in order to install the update. This will install new settings in what concerns the use of cellular data and Wi-Fi.

4. Press the Power/Sleep button in order to shut down your iPhone 5.

5. When you device shuts down, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on by pressing again the Power button.

Remember to turn your device off and then back on in order for the update to take place. Otherwise, you will be still using cellular data instead of the Wi-Fi until you turn your device off. If you already encountered problems with the cellular data usage on Verizon on your iPhone 5, do not be worry about the huge bill. Verizon will compensate any of these bills causes by this bug. Moreover, customers of other carriers suggested the same problem. Some AT&T users complained about the same issue, but until now, this was not verified. In the same time, all users who installed iOS 6 on their older devices might experience the same problem due to the iOS 6 tendency of turning Wi-Fi off during the sleep mode in order to save power.

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