How to Fix iOS 7 Typing Lag Problem on iPad

Apple’s latest operating system has turned out to be not exactly as it was meant to. As usual, the Cupertino-based company has tested the  iOS 7 later than on iPhone and iPod Touch, and because of this, iOS 7 running on iPad still shows a couple of errors.

Those who are running iOS 7 on a tablet still have some bugs to deal with. For example, many people all across the internet have confirmed that they have dealt with an unresponsive keyboard as soon as the tablet was upgraded to iOS 7. Therefore, as users typed on their iPads, the typing has failed to appear. It took a while until people were able to read what they have typed in the search box or the message field.

How to fix keyboard lag on iOS 7

In this respect, a user claims that he has found a proper fix for this problem. For those who deal with this situation, the following step-by-step guide is meant to fix it. Feel free to try it out as long as you encounter the same problem.

1. Therefore, the first step is to go into the iPad’s Settings app, and then search for the iCloud option. At this point, users need to turn off “Documents & Data” option and then turn it back on again.

2. In the next part, users must visit the General section and then to tap on the Reset button. As a last measure, choose “Reset All Settings” option in order to go back to the original setting. In this way, users will lose personal stuff such as passwords, saved sites, but in the same time, they will gain a useable keyboard. This is all.

It is worth mentioning the fact that this process is not conclusive. It solves the problem for the moment, but it is unknown for how long it will last. Eventually, the Fruit Company will have to release a bug fix, perhaps a software update, which it will be meant to solve this problem for good.

Considering the multiple positive feedbacks, it is worth trying this alternative. After all, any fix is better than no fix at all. Moreover, if it worked for most users, then be sure that it will solve your problem, as well.

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